I’m an old school gamer, and have been gaming in one form or another since my parents purchased the Basic D&D boxed set when we first moved to Colorado from Oregon in 1980. For a geeky kid who had no friends in a new town, it was a window into a world that I only ever imagined when I read books like the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.  I was able to make some friends and it helped me cope with the transition.  As a gamer, I enjoy all aspects of the hobby, miniature wargaming,table top RPG’s, LARP’s, board gaming, video gaming, MMO’s, etc.  I’m a single father and my son games with me now.  He and I have connected more over a table with some dice, than we ever have doing anything else.

I’ve been Storytelling (Dungeon Mastering, Game Mastering) for the majority of the time I’ve played, so much so it feels much like a second career.  Currently I’m a Regional Storyteller in the Minds Eye Society, in addition to being a Program Coordinator for a Community board for adults with developmental disabilities.

Raicheck is a handle I’ve used for a very long time on various forums and games.  It’s the call sign of a Battletech Mechwarrior from my very early days of gaming.  While Battletech isn’t my first love for games, it’s the first war game I ever played and it was the first character I really put the importance upon the roleplaying aspect of the game rather than just the number crunching side of the equation.




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